A Real-Life Conversation about Black Feminism

Featuring Tamika Mallory

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When it comes to the feminist movement... are black women fighting the "right" fight? There's the wealth gap, police brutality, racism, black-on-black crime, unfavorable relationships statistics as it relates to black men & women, and so much more facing the black community. Does the feminist movement create a divide between black men and black women? Are white women equally as involved in social justice issues that impact black women? Lots of questions...

Tune-in to hear my Real-Life Conversation with activist Tamika Mallory about whether the feminist movement is the right fight for black women.

A Real-Life Conversation about celibacy

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Is celibacy a badge of honor for some women? Have women been conditioned to feel as though they are "giving away" something during sex? Is this mentally and emotionally damaging for a woman to carry the burden that she alone "gave away" something? Do men mentally and emotionally feel like they "gave away" something after sex? Does God favor you more if you are celibate? Does celibacy protect your relationship from cheating and hardships? Tough questions for the celibate woman. Tune-in to this Real-Life Conversation as I ask a woman who practices celibacy, is it worth it?? Hear her response and hear other's opinions on celibacy. Press Play Below.

A Real-Life Conversation about Blaming the other woman

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Some argue it's possible and other's argue it's not possible for a woman to "steal a man." There's 2 sides to every argument. The problem on both sides of this argument is that both sides place the blame on the woman... Tune into to this Real-Life Conversation to hear callers share their opinions and personal experiences being or blaming the other woman.

A Real-Life Conversation about Social RESPONSIBILITY


The Social Responsibility is a discussion about current social issues including issues such as: wealth inequality, race relations, police brutality, and #takeaknee. Listen in as people share their opinions on whether #takeaknee is powerful or pointless. 

A Real-Life Conversation about gender identity:


This topic broke the internet, the topic of the definition of a "real woman." Many in the trans community feel a "real woman" isn't defined by what you are at birth, while others argue a "real woman" is a woman naturally born as a female. Tune-in to this Real-Life Conversation as I discuss this controversial issue with a transwoman. The highlight of the conversation was when a caller asked if she believed in God and if she thought God made a mistake with her gender....... you'll have to tune-in to hear her response! It get's real!

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